week 3

This week is about defying gravity by making elements of this costume 3D. Once I had decorated the costume to make it sparkle, I felt this costume wasn't finished and needed some extra WOW factor. So I decide that this costume was in need of a collar. One that stands up on its own with out the help of fishing wire attached to the wearers head/hair.

To create this collar all I have used is moulded buckram ( what Milliners use) , glue and Lycra. Every element was hand cut and pieced together and then sewn buy hand onto the leotard.

I have made collars before on many costumes, however I have never made one as detailed as this one. From all the hand cut elements to making it a double collar... Plus the added note that all the Lycra is velvet, so every part had to be cut making sure the grain was going the right.

(Yes I have cut out windows in the top layer of the collar so you can see through)

I know I have only been showing you part of the costume each week, and you are all probably wondering how is this costume is going to come together! Well when a blog post come through saying "THE FINAL WEEK" you will get the see the whole costume! On a body... with a headgear … and earing to match.