week 2

Last week was about the elements that made up the leotard. This week is all about enhancing the leotard with some sparkle, however we are going to have to find a balance between the detail of the Lycra motifs and the Sparkle.

I have put in so much effort to come up with a design, cut the Lycra out and sew it; for it to be hidden under a sea of sparkles.

At first I really wanted to use crystal diamantes, however they contrasted against the Lycra material too much. I could have persisted with the crystal - if I used very small size diamantes, though I could have been at risks completely destroying the Leotard with too much bling... And yes to do still believe that a Costume can have too much bling and just look like a disco ball.

So instead I used stones and diamantes that stayed closer to the colours of the Lycra on the leotard. Blue/Black and holographic royal blue. However I did use a "new to me" - it probably has been around for ages!!! Diamantes in the colour Crystal Moonlight, it is a mix between Crystal and Crystal AB, and I definitely want to try this diamante out some more. But I suggest you look them up.

As I said before my aim was to add sparkle with out diminishing the Lycra motif detail. I feel like did achieve what I had set out to do.

Next week, it I will be adding a 3D element to the Leotard.