Week 1

Last week I talked about zips, and that was all for this upcoming costume! Over the next couple of weeks I am going to show you different elements of the costume and then show you the whole costume once it is finished.

In terms of sewing difficulty, this costume I feel isn’t too technical; however it is very labor intensive and requires patience for all the little fiddly parts. AND…. SO many pins

My idea is to create a super detailed costume using Lycra motifs that I have hand drawn and cut. However the costume will be symmetrical, so I will have to do my best to keep everything a mirror image. This may sound easy, though when each element has to be sewn down on the machine, sometimes different parts will slip.

Now what am I going to show you this week?

A sneaky look at:

The Pattern,

The Pins,

The Stitching,

And The Zip

Next week I will show you some of the SPARKLE, and how I am going to make this costume shine even more without losing the detail I have created with the Lycra.