Tips for picking the right colour for your next Costume

Have you ever thought to yourself would this colour suit me?

Is it too strong?

Will it wash me out?

How do I even know if this is my colour, when the costume isn't even made yet?

Getting a costume custom made is an exciting time. You get meet up with your designer and tell them all your ideas and what you would like on your soon to be costume. However do you ever find it daunting when I comes to picking your Costume colour(s)?And that there is too many colours to pick from?

Choosing the right colour is more than just a colour in itself.

For a individual performance the colour needs to bring the mood to the theme and complementing the music.

There is also lighting to factor in,


Eye ,

And skin colour ( or a orange tan!)

Ever little part contributes to if a colour is going to make you look or 👍 ... 👎

So how do you know if the colour you are desperately wanting to wear is going to work for you?

Here are my tips to see if the colour you want to wear is the right colour for you.

1. Ask your designer!

If you are unsure ask your designer, as they should at the very least have a basic knowledge in colour theory and will be able to figure out what's best.

Even better if your designer has trained as a body consultant Or if they have trained in fine arts like painting. Anyone who has a skilled painting background will have the best eye for colour.

2. Do you have a lot of that colour in your closet?

See if you have that colour in your wardrobe, looking at the colours in your wardrobe will give you a good sense of what suits you and which colours you favour more.

3. Go to the shops!

Go find a garment in that colour, try it on and see if you like it on yourself. Doesn't have to be a leotard it just more about seeing if you like the colour on yourself.

4. Go to a professional body consultant.

Go to a place that will do a full analysis on your body type and colour type. These types of places will help you with your everyday style and fashion, telling you what suits you and what you should not go near. A what not to wear idea 💡

Thought this is for everyday fashion it will help you in knowing what is going to look best for your next individual costume.