It's time to sparkle

Let’s get back into it

Yes we know we haven’t done one of these in a very very long time. However, we have been a little busy with custom orders.

Now before we get into the blog and what we have made for you all to see, we are asking all our followers – What would you like to know? Would you like to learn some skills – either basic or complex? Literally anything… just send us a message with what you would like to learn and we would endeavour to make a blog about your subject matter.

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Also as everyone has been affected by COVID-19 Diamante, Glitter & Lace are making a concise effort to buy and support local Australian Companies. Thus, at the end of every blog, we will refer to any of the Australian companies and what products we have brought from them. The links will be down at the bottom of the blog, and if the company doesn't have an online website we will just mention their name and product.

Let’s get into the SPARKLE.

I’m sure you’re all wondering the reason for what sparked this design.

One answer …


I found the most gorgeous feather boa online and knew that I had the perfect plain lycra material that would match. Plus, it just happens to be one of my favourite colours.

Now because I was using feathers, I just had to come up with Jazz inspired costume, and I’m pretty sure I’ve ever seen a jazz costume in this colour before?!

So what did I want to accomplish with this costume?

- I wanted long arms

- Exposed mid-section

- Feathers

- And of course, sparkles

With these ideas in mind, it’s time to start planning. However, before I even start to design, the first thing I had to do was look at what materials I had within my stash! The answer to that question… is not much. I absolutely LOVE this colour, however unfortunately there really isn’t much “different” lycra in this colour.

So all I had was Mesh, Plain Lycra, and Cyber Velvet.

Generally, I like to use lycra’s that have some slight sparkle, such as Shatter Glass or Mystique (holographic Lycras). As these types of lycra can add dimension to a costume, so to create add dimension with this costume I will have to Stones, Diamantes, Gems, and Glitter.

Now I have a clear vision in mind it’s off to make and decorate this leotard.

To decorate the plain Lycra I have used SS20 Diamantes in the colour Emerald Green to make the Lycra glisten. Now I could have covered the whole section of the plain Lycra in Diamantes.

Nevertheless, that is just not my style.

I myself like to see Lycra!

Call me crazy but the technology behind Lycra is amazing so why hide it all? Plus if I was to cover all the plain lycra, you would lose the impact of the other stones and the definition of the glitter work.

The glitter I have select for this costume is gorgeous and was suggested to me when I asking the store owner what would work best with the feathers I was purchasing.

(link at the bottom of the blog)

So here is my latest creation!

(Girls Size 12 - Duo)

Now here is my helpful tip for this blog!

If you use vibrant feathers colours, always remove the feathers off the costume before hand washing. Feathers are not naturally Hot Pink, Aqua, Green, or any bright bright colour. Thus there will always be a trace of the dye within the feather, even if they have been treated.

By all means, you can leave your feathers on. Just remember there is always a high chance of the dye running into your costume. I myself remove the feathers from a costume and wash them separately. To be honest it isn’t that much more work and I would rather not have to deal with dye in my costumes.

Links to Australian Products

Lycra - Cyber Velvet





(Please be aware that I am not sponsored or have any affiliations with the above links. These are just where I purchase the above items to make and decorate this costume.)