It is finally done! The most labor intense costume I have ever made, from the creation of the pattern, cutting out all the individual elements and then finally putting it all together.

I finished off this costume with a side headpiece, arms with Lycra motifs, fancy neck bling, and a set of matching earrings to complete the whole look.

(If you would like your own custom earrings, send us a message! We can match them to your costume)

I wish you all could see this costume in real life!! The velvet Lycras I have used are so lush in colour and sparkle, and the diamantes and stones are just there to complement. The headpiece is simple and complex at the same time and mimics the collar with cut outs. To be honest I actually would love to make an over the top headpiece for this costume. However the trend for headpiece are now all about the side.

Disclaimer before you look at the final photos... I am no model… however anything for the blog! Also probably I could have faked tan for the photos.

Anyway enjoy and let us know what you think.