I'm just a Broadway baby

It has been a long time between postings, however we are back! Unfortunately Covid has affected our business and limited us getting to create some amazing costume for our clients. Nevertheless, we will come back stronger, with new creative designs and still keeping our same positive outlook.

Now I know many people have probably been wondering WHO? was the winner of our competition! We were always going to announce the winner once the costume was completely finished and our gorgeous winner was all dressed up.

However, Covid!

And now our winner won’t get to wear the costume for 2020.

But good news… our winner has donated her costume to Diamante, Glitter & Lace to be a part of our hire range. In their words “this costume is too beautiful to never been worn, and who knows when Victoria will get to have competitions again. Plus I have a feeling this costume is not going to fit when competitions being”

So introducing Rosie – our Rosie Red Broadway Baby


As you can tell by the title, this costume was made for the Broadway Baby theme. However the client didn’t want to have the usual “Girly Pink” costume, opting for a sparkly red costume instead. Please be aware that this was my interpretation of their drawing, so a few things weren’t exactly the same as their drawing. One because of aesthetics and two, some things technically wouldn’t have work.

Now let’s talk a little more about this costume.

One thing you will not notice about the costume, as it quite well hidden, is that all the Reds are not the same. From the base Lycra Red, the skirt Red and then to the Red frill… they are all slightly different colour. To be honest the Lycra and the skirt are in the same hue, however the frill is an Orange Red.

Now why is it not so noticeable? It is all to do with the placement of colours. The frill I have placed against Flesh and Fuchsia, with the add addition of Ruby Red and Fuchsia Stone to blend it all in. If I had not done this and had the Orange Red against the Red, you would be able to pick straight away.

We have included elements of pink, fuchsia and purple into the costume to create a soft hint of sparkle and to bring the costume more into the theme of Broadway. We could have always used straight AB Crystal Stones; however it would have been such stark contrast in colours from Red to AB Crystal. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE those two colours together, however it just wasn’t the style that best suited this costume.

One thing that we did change for the original drawing that I was given was the skirt. The client wanted a solid colour skirt, however it just didn’t work and thus we end up going with a layered mesh skirt.