Hues of Maroon

Today we are looking at a classic colour combination - Maroon and Black - and how I would decorate the costume with embellishments.

Creating balance in costumes sometimes comes easily and other times there is a lot of trial and error. A first I wasn't going to have a Black skirt, I actually wanted Maroon. However, because I had chosen to add Black behind the Maroon Lace and then add black motifs on top the Black skirt just worked better aesthetically.

When adding stones I knew I wanted it to work with the Oil slick, holographic Black style which throws some sparkly colours. Which meant I need to use a stone colour that complimented the costume and didn't stand out. Even though I would love to use some super sparkly stones it just wants to go to work. Therefore I opted for darker style stones that had hints of Red, Purple, and Gold - as pictured below.

This week I decided to film myself decorating the costume so you could see the process. If only it could take 4.3 mins to decorate a costume!!! Can you guess how long it actually took?

Watch all the way through to see the final product!

Ladies size 10, available as a duo

Links to Australian Products Glitter Diamantes Purple

Diamantes Siam AB

Diamantes Grey Gems Lycra Lace was brought overseas, however, I know quite a few retailers in AUS supply this material. (Please be aware that I am not sponsored or have any affiliations with the above links. These are just where I purchase the above items to make and decorate this costume.)