Bling Galore

I know that everyone that follows my page are massive fans of sparkle! For very custom costume that I make, the one thing each client always asks for is Sparkle - doesn't matter what the budget is Sparkles is always mentioned.

So this week we went for full on bling!

However bling doesn't just have to be from stones and diamantes. Over the years Lycra has come a long way in design and sparkle, many Lycra's now come complete with sparkly sequins that look amazing on stage! However, anyone who sew with this type of Lycra will tell you there are some down falls! Get ready for blunt fabric scissor and broken needs on your sewing machine. Though I think the sparkle from this Lycra, makes up for the negatives.

I have used a Lycra that you can buy from any dance related fabric store called Zsa Zsa.

Something a little different, and I'm pretty sure I've never used this product on a blog before. However on this costume I have attached individual sequins! Can you spot them?

So here is my extra sparkly Costume