This week is all about being bright! Picking colours that POP!, however still stay with in the same colour zones. The base is a Crush Velvet in Fluro Orange with Cerise and Tomato Red.

Apart from making a costume sparkly, I wanted start using Lycra Appliques more. Yes I have applique Lycra before, however I want to experiment with more intricate designs. This isn't a super intricate design compared to what you see in Rhythmic Gymnastics, nevertheless it's a start and I'm looking forward to start creating some for interesting designs. Though I'm sure that my hand is not looking forward to the amount of cutting need!!!

One of my triumphs in this costume is the Cerise and Tomato Red Appliques on the front middle section. They are both the same pattern however the Tomato Red is a scaled version of the Cerise Applique. Unfortunately Tomato Red does look a little different, and this is all down to the Lycra choice. Here I have used a Lace and did not back the back of the Lace with the Fluro Orange. To be honest it isn't highly noticeable, however because of the large hole with in this particular Lace, I really should have backed the Lace.

So I hope you like this extra bright and sparkly costume.