Arabian Nights, like Arabian days

Creating and drafting patterns is an integral part of making a leotard, however some patterns take longer to create than other. I know people find drafting daunting; however it is definitely a skill that you can develop!

Today I am going to show you a pattern that took me three goes at before I was happy with the design. It may seem silly that it look me so long especially because the end result is quite simple. However I think the brief is what stumped me, as I could get the tradition idea out of my head.

The brief was to make a costume to suit ‘A friend Like Me” from Aladdin. They weren’t going to portray characters, however the costume need to by girly and not have flesh through the center.

Girly. Aladdin. Arabian. I can do…. However no flesh through the center was what threw me big time. To be honest it’s not a hard brief! But at the time I was also making a couple other costumes that were a very similar theme!

However once I had finally sewn the costume up, I instantly knew it was going to be great on stage!

This isn’t exactly the costume I made last year, however it is very similar.