Three Patterns in One Costume

This year I have had the pleasure of creating quite a few team sets for the WA State Team. Teams Sets are definitely a different kettle of fish compared to individual costumes, and making costumes to suit a whole team can be a challenge. However, one set I got to make was a group of all individual costumes to match one theme. Now I can tell you making a set like this was both a daunting and fun, plus I got to be extra creative.

To be honest all the costumes I made with in this set I would happily make again, however I just loved how one particular costume finally came together. When I started placing the panels on this costume, I really thought that this the idea/vision I had for this costume was not going to work…. and was on the verge of scrapping it altogether. Nerveless, I added one more element (a panel) to this costume and my views changed immediately.

Now I’m not going to show the costume which was made for a team set… Well not yet anyway!!! What I’m going to show you is a costume that portrays particular elements from my first design. It definitely isn’t same same, as I wanted the costume to suit a younger age bracket.

What I think makes this costume is the Lycra! And a bold pattern Lycra at that.

Patterns: are tricky to design with, as you want the pattern to complement the wearer and you don’t want the pattern to be wearing you. For this costume I have gone with two very bold patterns and then one subtle pattern, which acts more as texture element than a pattern. Why my two bold patterns work well together is they stay within the same colour scheme and are both have clean patterns. And to be honest with you I wouldn’t have made this costume if I hadn’t had stumbled across the middle pattern. As soon as I saw the Lycra I knew I had to create something with it.

So if there is one thing I that I could persuade you to try in your next costume, is using an element of BOLD patterns. Even if it is just stripes cut on the diagonal…. Definitely give it ago.

3 IN 1 Costume – Bold Patterns coming up ….