There were two things that I wanted to achieve for this blog.

1. To use the blue velvet again.

2. To actually create a pattern for a showgirl style skirt.

Now I have made many showgirl skirts before, however I’ve never drawn up a specific pattern. One of the reason why I haven’t made a pattern would be because there are so many different size skirts you can make and different styles in regards to layering the skirt.

So you may ask why I am making a pattern now… In all honesty I am trying to make my work a little more streamline for the future. Though I have only made a pattern for a small showgirl skirt, it is a base that I can then add to and or extended.

In all honesty creating a show girl skirt is not that complex, as it is whole amount of circles put together to create the ruffle look. My only tip; if you want quite a dense ruffle, make sure the circle is smaller. The larger the circle the effect of the ruffle will be longer meaning the you will properly have gather the circle to get the desired effect.

This is two examples for you, small vs big. I have made the area between the two circles the same, however it is the distance around the inside circle that makes all the difference.

As you can see the shorter the distance of the inside circle makes a difference in the density of the ruffles.

Hopefully this is some help for all buddying seamstresses out there!

For now, it's back to the multiple solo/duo custom costumes... cannot wait to show you what we are creating.

...BUT first have a look at this cute costume!