Jungle Rhythm




It is true, I've made a leotard that doesn't contain any of the above decorations. Why? Because I wanted to try something different. Plus it was also a challenge to myself to do something simple.

At first my intention was to use two different Lycras and just a glitter line the distinguish the different colours. However, once the leotard was made and I had but the feathers on, I just felt like it was lacking something.

Thus, It needed another dimension. My two colour options Matte Black and Sparkly Pink Lycra, thus I added dimension to the Matte Black. Here I have use fine black glitter and made jungle flora pattern. Using fine glitter means you can see the line detail easier, however when it's on stage with will give a shimmer effect.

I didn't want the pattern to be over powering, as I was trying to keep this costume simple! However it kind of end up being at little fancier than intended.

Though the sections of black on the back do not have a glitter pattern as the amount of area was too small to continue the pattern.