Blue Velvet

So the last couple of weeks it’s been a about the team sets… which are still going. However I took this week off to plan, organise, and maybe rest from the cold that graced it’s presence on me last week!

Now the reason why I mention team items in this blog, is because I am actually liking the clean lines of the design by not having a skirt. Plus I also feel that I don’t particular do many costumes without some type of skirt. Thus, this costume isn’t going to have any type of skirt.

While making one team set I also used the most amazing Blue Velvet, which I just had to use on a solo costume. The best way to describe it is that it has a mermaid effect that throws colours of greens and blues.

This design is all about the asymmetric look, even though I am loving the Blue Velvet, it would be way too much to only use the one material. Thus, I have broken it down with some other Blues and sparkly Blacks.

Decorating this costume was all about sticking to the Lycra's colour scheme. I have only used Blue stones and a couple Crystal AB 's, however because of the colours already in the Lycra, the stone are picking up some of the green tones.

So here you have it. x