Women In Uniform

My ideal behind this costume is “Women In Uniform” with a twist. I didn’t want to go with the idealistic colour schemes or ridged and uniform structure. However, something that was feminine and delicate, but still showed strength and power.

Colour was a major influencer to this costume and to keep with femininity but not too girly, I selected pale blue and gold. What I like about this combination is that the shades work perfectly together even though they are on the lighter shade spectrum.

In term of decorations for this costume, I still wanted to show elements of the military/uniform ideals, which I have depicted through the epaulets and the structural base. However, I also softened the sharp structure with fine lace, glitter and stones.

Side Note!!!

I am definitely in love with these light sapphire teardrops against the pale blue Zsa Zsa material.

If I was to change one thing about this leotard!

It would be the curve at the waist; I feel that it should tapper in more at the smallest part of the waist and continue the curve out to the hip/leg band. However I am just looking at this costume on a bodyboard, I’m sure it would look completely different on a person.

The Final look. Pale Blue, Gold and very very sparkly