Sparkling Hot Pants

Pushing your limits and getting out of your comfort zone is all about tonight’s blog!

In the last month I got to make a costume that was a touch bit different. Yes it still used Lycra! However, the way that these types of costumes are made was a little bit of a challenge.

So this is one sparkly #APQ2018 costume!

Though this costume is similar to Calisthenics and Dance costumes, it is the pants that I had to experiment with. They way that the provided sample pair were made, were low cut in waist and leg bands, plus the pants had absolutely no elastic with in any the bands…. Oh My Goodness… Minding blowing… how do these thing stay up!!! The other thing that I myself wasn’t use to was lining the pants as well. Which in its self isn’t hard just something that I wasn’t accustomed to doing.

There was a bit of trial and change happening to make these pants. Plus a fitting with the client and then a stage run though before I did any embellishment. AND YES! I did use one lot of elastic in the waist band!

It was a pleasure to make this costume and so glad that I got to see it on stage last weekend. Thanks Miss S for trusting me to make your costume, can definitely say you sparkled throughout your whole routine.