Decorating the Leotard

For anyone who knows me will know that I do enjoy some bling on my costumes. However, for this leotard I want the lace to be the star. Meaning I cannot bombard it with bling! SO I have taken the less is more approach.

As for the skirt on this leotard, I have gone with the sequin tassel style. At first I was going to use normal fringe tassels, however it just didn't suit the leotard.

In this video below you will see how the laces detail comes apart and what embellishments I have used. Though the embellishments are very minimal, I have used a light at the end of the video to show you how it effective the leotard looks, with not much bling!

I also decide to not film myself hand sewing the lace to the leotard as I feel that is a skill that the majority of people can do!

The Sparkly Product :)