Making The Leotard

This weeks Vlog is all about making the leotard from the pattern we drew up last week.

Some key points when making the leotard...

  • When cutting pattern out of the lycra, the STRETCH of the lycra should always be going around the body.

  • Doubling the flesh will make it not see through, especially in the bust area (however this is also dependent on what flesh lycra you use.

  • You can still make a leotard with out an overlocker. Many of the new style sewing machines come with function that is close to and overlocking stitch, however only with two threads.

  • Take your time! if your not comfortable with something, go a little slower and really concentrate on what you are doing. Less Mistakes for you to fix in the end!

Here the leotard!

You will see that the centre point, where the top of the leotard meets the bottom, is not quite centre. If I was needing the perfect centre V I would re do it. However this will be cover by embellishments, so need to worry.

Next week we get to make this leotard sparkle! Until then xx