Come On A Journey With Me

For the next couple of weeks I'm going to show you my own bright and wonderful world right now! It is the crazy solo duo season at the moment... and I have a lot of sewing and sparkle a head of me!!

I've decided to Vlog this series so you can watch me at work!

Today Vlog is the drafting stage. As you will see I have masters of all my patterns that I've made with guided line to help me when I'm creating the pattern.

When I start drafting the patterns, I always start with pencil, one because it is light and two you can rub it out if there is too many lines. Then I use a pen for the final outline.

N.B. If the pattern is difficult, using different colour pens are always help full.

Afterwards I track all the different panels and sections, ready for when you need to cut the lycras.

Till next week!