So last week I introduced you to some bright green lace that I had brought. Though it was the wrong colour for its intended use, it was still a really nice green. Therefore I really wanted to use it with in a leotard.

My first intentions for this leotard wasn’t for this lace to be used but as soon as I started decorating this leotard, I could definitely see it working together.

Usually with this design like to add a ruffle or lace frill to the top, however I want the lace to be the main focal point and be the POP! to this costume…

Thus, everything else on this costume has to complement the lace and not be over powering. So for this I stuck with two different gold laces and AB stones, with a hint of siam and pink to tone everything together.

Like with everything I make it all has to sparkle, however I didn’t have any green glitter to match the lace. So instead I went for a large iridescent glitter that would show up the laces colour in all its glory, put still added some sparkle.

The skirt for this leotard has three layers the top layer, which you can see, and then underneath yellow sparkly mesh and orange mesh. The reason why I went for yellow was because I was going to go for a sunrise effect with the leotard, however then I decided to add the green lace… So now it’s more of a “fancy cocktail sunrise”. I put my skirt with the leotard, so if I to put the skirt on top of the leotard I would probably have taken out the yellow and added another layer of orange mesh.

The only thing that I will add to the leotard is to add some green lace to the back of the back. One because it looks a little plain and needs something extra.