From Old To Young

For this blog I thought I would revisit a design I created last year, however make it suitable for a younger age group.

Nifty New Yorkers was a struggle to create in my mind and on paper. But turned into something wonderful and a leotard I absolutely LOVE!

Here the link to story behind those leotards.

Start Spreading The News

So to make this style leotard work for a younger age group, I will be making a few changes to fit. One it is going to be a different colour blue, however the base leotard is staying exactly the same!!!

First change was the decorations, I’ve gone a little less art deco and more lacey and girly. I also haven’t added any black to this leotard, and stayed closer to the darker blue and aqua’s stones and diamantes. Nifty New Yorker’s was heavily stoned in AB were I’ve only really used AB glitter with this leotard.

And the second change was the skirt; I’ve gone for more of a showgirl style of skirt with ruffles. Younger girls can’t just do straight fringing on their own, as I personally feel that fringing is too old for them.

Lastly, was instead of have a mesh side panels in the leotard I’ve added a bold lace over a light blue lycra.

So here is my NNY design for a younger age group.