Colour seems to be my thing at the moment, and something I am glad of. Working with colour is fun and means you get to bring out your extra creative style.

So for this blog I decide to make a little leotard inspired by Tinkerbelle. Inspired is key here, as I wanted to make a leotard that was cute with ruffles but not your usual Tinkerbelle costume!

I’ve stuck with the traditional Bright Lime Green for the base of the leotard. However, I’ve added gold trim; one because I wanted to use pink with in the leotard and two, the lace I wanted to use was gold to start off with. This leotard could easily look good with silver, however I just always imaged it in gold.

As for the skirt, I’ve gone ruffles! Who doesn’t love a cute ruffle or two? As this a little girls leotard I felt ruffle are appropriate.

Cute is this leotard!