It's Always Better With Sparkle

For tonight's blog I am going to show you a design that I actually drew up for a duo last year, however it was never used. So instead of just leaving in a pile of unused designs I decided it had to be made. As I was pretty excited to make it last year.

First off, a little about this design.

This was based off my first ever solo costumes that I made for myself five years ago. It is just a really nice pattern, that suits many people even though it doesn't have much happening though the centre. However I've changed the neck line, the back and the skirt. It's just the base design element that is the same!

Now there is no denying that this leotard is pretty sparkle-ious, however a lot of it comes from the lycra its self. Here I have used a sparkly black velvet, a pearl light pink sequin lycra and a holographic print in light pink.

Though it is the glitter that outlines the segments that really makes the leotard pop and sparkle! I just happen to pick up this really nice light pink AB shard glitter that was in the reject box at a shop. It is such a different colour and a nice change from always using silver AB glitter. As it has all the same sparkle with a colour hint.

Another element I enjoy about this leotard is the use of gems and diamantes in the diamond mesh. As many of you would have seen this material before you know it has silver glitter where the points meet.

Now don't get me wrong, it looks very effective on stage, however I just getting a little bored of the norm. Thus, I added "colour" and some sparkle.

Soooo.... Here she is. A spakly Pink duo Costumes