To Sew Or Not To Sew?

Tonight we are looking at the pro’s and con’s of making your own leotard(s).

Before you embarked on this journey ask yourself these questions first!

Do you LIKE to sew?

How much sewing skill do you really have?

Do you know how to use a pattern and how to make it work for you?

Are you OK with less-than perfection?

Have you allotted yourself plenty of time to complete your task?

Will you be able to find the right type and colour of fabric?

Will you be able to find the decorations that you want to use?


Technically it can be cheaper!

If you have all the tools like scissors, sewing machine, overlocker and etc.. Then you might want to think about making your own. As all you have to buy are the materials to make the leotards and the embellishments to decorate it.

A memory you will always remember - Good or Bad

Making your own leotards is always more special than getting a store brought one and something you will always treasure. I still have my very first leotard that I made, it’s a great reminder how far have come.

You get to be creative

This is your chance to get your creativity out and work your magic. You never know you may discover a hidden talent you never knew you had.

Time appreciation

You get a taste at how long it really takes to make a leotard from the concept design to the finished product. It’s like when you decide to try out a new food recipe, and you were surprised by how long it took to cook… but the taste is something that was utterly divine.

It can be a collaboration

You could work with a friend or family member to create your leotard. This can be helpful as you have someone to bounce ideas off with or look at what you are doing from a different perspective. Plus your sewing buddy might possess skills that you might have not mastered yet.



Unfortunately making a leotard is time expensive. And that not just the making, you need to factor the time it takes to find your materials, doing measurement, making adjustment and decorating. DECORATING is what is going to take you the longest, and props to you if you’re going to sequin by hand


In the pro’s I said it could work out cheaper, but it could also end up being very expensive. And its one word that the majority of $$$ will go to - DECORATIONS!!! -

Before you know it, the cost of your supplies ends up approaching the cost of buying a costume, defeating the purpose of going through all that trouble!

Special skills

Making a leotard does require some technique and skill. First off you are working with stretch fabric and then adding not stretch items to it. I would definitely suggest a practice run before you start with the real leotard.


If it's your first time making a leotard there could be a chance of a malfunction. Like seams ripping or something falling off. Saying that, malfunctions can be caused by having to try on the leotard multiple times, when you keep checking how the leotard looks on.

A Headache

Making your own leotard can cause you a headache and stress. There is so much time and effort that goes into making your leotard and sooo many thing that could go wrong!

Is it worth your stress?

I would definitely say that I am not the best person to ask about this about this!

I as I am that person that decided that they could and they would!

And I started out with nothing, I even drafted my first pattern from just my own measurements I have never purchase a leotard patterns.