Revolting Children

Some times you have to be a little bit naughty… isn’t that right Miss B and Miss M???

For these two revolting children we decided to stay away from the classic tartan and grey look that many Matilda’s usually wear! And went for a Blue and Red theme, keeping them strong and school themed.

The Feral-ness to this leotard comes from the detail. A Black/Blue AB glitter was added around the outside to give it definition and a cartoon look. Then Blue stones were added to look like spikes and to bring out the “rebellion” in the girls!

But I must say my favourite part of this leotard is the Red bottoms! That boasts the girls’ initials on them. The skirts are made from three layers of materials, with the top layer made from lycra to make sure the skirt stays down. It’s not until they girls jump or go upside down do you get to see the Red… Which makes it a little bit cheeky.

These two what can I say! Your National Performance was incredible and so in time! And Your Props! They “Sparkled” too!

Congrats on being the Junior National Duo Champions!