Lets Transform

Around this time last year I made this leotard, and to be completely honest I was never a massive fan of what I had created. So at the end of last year I decided that make be this leotard would work better as a Graceful Dress.

My decision was made, and a Graceful Dress was going to happen! So with my seam ripper in hand it was time to detach the lace and the skirt.

Leaving me with this!

However I had one obstacle in my way before I could complete my vision!

* * * * * * C H I F F O N * * * * * *

I knew exactly what chiffon I needed and how many meters. However it just happen that it was out of stock for the whole Graceful season, which caused a little bit a hassle as a couple of clients really like that colour.

So from December 2015 this particular chiffon was out of stock and didn’t become available till June this year. :(

But nevertheless it is here! And now I can complete my vision!!!

One thing about transforming into a Graceful Dress was attaching lace to the circular chiffon skirt. Not as easy as a flat A line skirt. Therefore I had to change some of the positioning of the lace, to make it all work.

I must say I definitely like this costume a lot more since I changed it to a Graceful Dress.