Life In Colour, Life In Sparkle

During the crazy Graceful season this year this dress was a very big reminder!

A reminder that even though we are able to that make these complex designs that are encrusted in bling. That sometimes just some glitter and a couple of stones and diamantes is all you need.

Now many of the costumes I make can be highly decorated! But I also feel that you should also be able to see some Lycra on the costume! There is a thing that sometimes a costumes CAN have too much bling!

This is especially noticeable in a Graceful dress. Where the whole leotard is blasted in bling and then nothing on the chiffon. Chiffon really makes up the majority of the costume, so the top and the bottom need to marriage together. However if the chiffon was to be blinged like the leotard the chiffon wouldn't be able to serve its function.

But back to this graceful dress. This dress sparkled and looked just as effective as any other Graceful dress I made.

So remember glitter is your friend! And that glitter sparkles just as much as Swarovski diamantes! But is a lot cheaper! ;)