I haven’t done one of these styles of blogs for quite a while, as I haven’t had a leotard to revamp!

However I was given this leotard to have a play around with.

At first I struggled to figure out what or where I was going to go with this leotard. I guess this leotard is probably a little different to what I am use to. And I also feel that materials used really call to a specific theme. i.e the white and black checkers leads its self to a racer theme.

However, I do believe that this leotard was intended to be a queen of heart cards theme as it came with three heart shape lycra cut outs.

Really in the end I wasn’t going for a theme, as I tried a few different things form colours and laces. But I soon realised that I couldn’t deviate from the leotards original colour scheme. Which created a problem, as I didn’t have any of the same red or black and white checkers.

I’ve made the decision to keep this leotard quite striped back because of the checker pattern. As having too much embellishments and bling will just be too distracting and you would lose the whole effect of the pattern.

At present I haven’t added anything to the bottom of the leotard, as I don’t feel it really needs it. But if I were to add anything it would be little shorts or a ring master tail.

And as for the back I haven’t change a thing… it doesn’t need it and it is nice to see a block of the checkers.

So that this is my first revamp for 2016!