The word confidence creates many meanings, however I though I would talk about how the word confidence applies to me.

For a while I never really thought that I was really successful at making headgear and thus would leave them to last to make. However, I was creative enough to put something together and just by trial and error would tweak the headgear untill I was happy with it.

This is what I use to think and in some ways it is true, but after making 13 graceful headgears I think this faux-par can be thrown out the window. What were missing were a little practice and a whole lot of confidence.

Yes having the skill to make headgears is a little important, but if you don’t have confidence in your ability you will always be stuck in the same rut.

At the moment this is probably pivotal for anyone who creates something from heart. Right now it is peak season for dance competition and performances, so I encourage everyone to have confidence in him or herself.

Believe in yourself and have confidence in your ability.