Today I’m taking you behind the workings and idea of Miss B’s Graceful dress.

The rational of this dress was West Side Story and Maria. Now to be completely honest I’ve never actually watch the movie or the musical but I do know a few of the songs!!! However for me this client’s coach knew exactly what colour and style of design she wanted B to wear.


Bright Red

Something across the arms /off the should

Basic body in the leotard

During the making of this leotard there was one thing that was changed. Which was the red at the top of the leotard. I was going to use a mesh lycra, but end up using the chiffon instead. The reason why I changed was because I wanted the reds to match.

In hindsight I should have persisted and tried to find a mesh that matched. For two reasons; one, chiffon doesn’t stretch and two, chiffon is light and puffs up, which is an issue for the shoulder line.

Chiffon definitely requires extra work, but with persistence you get there!!

The one thing I was a little bit hesitant about was the decorating the top halves. Yes I did have a vision in mind of how it was going to look but I didn’t want to over do it with the glitter… because once you glitter you can’t really do back

Thank goodness everything all came together in the end. A stunning graceful dress, which was, enhance by a beautiful performance by Miss B. And what a way to finish off your Graceful season: 4th place in the 15/16 Championship Section.