Getting Arty!

So today I feel like I’m making something to go on ART ATTACK (tv program)!

But first, a little bit of a back story.

At the moment I’m making a duo costume which is something a little bit different to most of the leotards I probably make. But I have been struggling to get my vision to come to life, especially the skirt. In all I have probably tried around eight different combinations and had settled for shaky fringed skirt. However I then saw a snippet of the duo’s routine and straight away knew the skirt wasn’t going to work… Back to square one … the chiffon skirt.

Now you may think a chiffon skirt isn’t very Art Attack! But what I do with it is the Art Attack Part!

For these leotard we opted for a black bottom however with everything that is going on with the leotard the black chiffon skirt was too over powering and too BLACK! – If there is ever such a thing.

Therefore I need to soften the black and tie it all back in with the rest of the leotard. And this is where I turned to glitter, and not just one glitter but two kinds.

SO get ready for my ART ATTACK version of chiffon skirt…

Materials needed:

Spray adhesive

Tacky/Flexible Glue (Plexi Glue OR E600)

Fine Glitter – Black

Large Glitter – Black Holographic

Chiffon Skirt hemmed

News Paper!

Now before you watch the video I actually did some testers of various ideas of glues and glitters.

With the spray adhesive the fine glitter works best and attaches better. Thus that is why I used Tacky/Flexible Glue for the large glitter.

The skirt is ready to be sewn on to the leotard, in other words it is hemmed and the waistband has been added.

The Spray glue gets everywhere that’s why I’m not doing it while it is on the leotard and also why I did it on the grass outside! You could do the glittering before you have hemmed it, but it would mean that you would get glitter all over you sewing machines.

Outside is definitely a must with this; the fine glitter gets everywhere, and you need to give the skirt a good shake afterwards.

So there you have! At the moment I cannot show you how this skirt ties in with the leotard as it is bit of a secret till this duo has there final moment on stage.