Making A Graceful - Last Minute!

Now before, this Graceful dress was even an idea or made….

I had a favourite Graceful dress out of my client’s dresses. I know I really should have a favourite, but it happened!

Don’t get me wrong all the graceful dresses I have made this season I absolutely loved, and loved making every single one of them. But there was this one dress that had been a vision in my mind for sooooo long that when it came to life I was absolutely in LOVE!

BUT… Then this dress came along!!

This was a little bit of a last minute dress. However what was produced at the end of two days HAD ME IN AWE. :)

My Brief was the music theme and that the client wanted balck and gold.

The one tricky thing about this dress was that I had just finished making all my clients dresses and thus all my decorating stocks were very low to non existent. This meant conservation and I could only go with what I had available. Which I can tell you is a little bit scary, though a good challenge.

Nevertheless it was a fun creative hurdle that you just have to roll with.

Thank you Miss S for letting make you 2016 Graceful Dress and Headgear.