Lace Lace Lace!!

In terms of leotard skill and patterning this week there really is none… this entire leotard is a one panel front and back leotard made out of flesh, all the complexity comes from the decoration.

Now just because the leotard is simple does make it a little bit harder to keep symmetrical as there are no panels or lines to keep you centre. Thus, just like a builder you need a center line. Though instead of a string line I have used an “elastic line”.

Now using lace on a leotard is no new thing, but many of they lace style leotards out there only stick to one colour lace. Here I have used two colours to match the chiffon skirt that I am using. I was temped to use a third colour as well to match the chiffon, however the lace that I had didn’t really go.

The chiffon that I used is a little bit different to your normal chiffon; apart from having silver sparkle onto it also has a gold sheen over the top. And all together makes a gorgeous chiffon.

Even though it is pretty tedious hand sewing all the lace on, the hardest part is embellishing it. It is a very big balancing act! As the key element is the lace so you don’t want to dominate it with all this bling.

The only thing that I’m not too happy about with this leotard is that the lace ends up looking a darker blue against the skirt. However I don’t think it will be an issue under the stage lights. As I’ve used skirts that look a little lighted than the Lycra before and they look exactly the same on stage.

Lace galore and sparkle :)