Gold Lace And Sparkle

Some gold lace that I purchase a couple months ago is the inspiration for today’s blog.

Though it has no sparkle with in the lace, it is an easy lace that you can break down into small segments to decorate a costume. Plus this lace doesn’t fray too much, which means you can tack it on when hand sewing.

When decorating this leotard I tried to keep it simple and didn’t want to add in any colour. However, just with the AB’s and Crystal colour stones and diamantes, it wasn’t enough. So I added a hint of colour, using a very light pink.

The skirt was something that took me a while to figure what I wanted to do! And I think it is because I am still in graceful dress mode, even though that was all finished and over last Thursday!!!

At first I was heading a long the direction of a short chiffon skirt, but then decided fringing might look better. However with this fringing I’ve gone for more of a chunky look with thin pieces with in.

I think this leotard would look good on stage, but if I were to make this leotard again I wouldn’t add the gold definition to the front side seam.

It’s too definite and makes the white side really stand out. And as it is glitter and glue, I can’t just take it off.

So here is the final product. :)