Your Replacement To Plexi Glue

If you were not aware Plexi glue is about it become a rarity. This glue is something every costume designer and maker cannot live with out! Not just for glittering, this all purpose glue is genuinely all purpose!

As much as glue and glitter can get messy, I definitely not keen to going back to sequining. I already have a bad enough caulis on my pointer finger from sewing lace… imagine what it would like if I had to sew rows and rows of sequins!

So it’s now time to embrace change and even though Plexi glue is on it’s way out, there is another product that is going to save all your pointer fingers from dreaded caulis.

E6000, from what the product describes it sound exactly like Plexi glue, so just for you I am going to compare the pair.

For this experiment I have used plain black 4 way stretch lycra as the base.

Then I will use the two different glues to test the adhesion for different products listed below.

Large glitter

Fine Glitter


16mm circle stone

Orange 4 way stretch lycra

Here are the examples.


The only thing that I regretted when doing this experiment was that I should have open a new bottle of Plexi glue so both glues were in the same condition. However I do believe that I have used Plexi glue enough to give you my overall opinion.

  • I’m just going to say right away, I actually like the E6000 better!

  • I prefer how the glue dries raised, compared to the flatness of the Plexi glue

  • Also after the Black base lycra has been stretch both ways, everything on the test piece goes back to its original spot and is flat.

  • After I stretched the Plexi glue sample the fine glitter swirls and orange lycra stay waved like and do not flatten.

  • This point is definitely a plus and I know a lot of girls will be happy with this fact! The large glitter is less scratchy with the E6000.

  • The only real negative is the E6000 glue takes a little bit longer to dry

The one thing I do really hope E6000 does, is not change their formula for the glue like the Plexi glue. Over the last 6 years I have been using Plexi glue it was never consistent. So fingers crossed!

Also if you have tried the E6000, let me know what you think of it?