The Embellishments

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been discussing everything graceful! From skirts, costs and headgears… however I haven’t looked at the one main thing!!!

The graceful dress ;)

So that is what we are looking at today. I think one of the hardest parts (or the biggest brain teaser!) is the decorations and embellishments part to the graceful dress. I know when I first started making costumes that was the thing that use to take me weeks and a lot of fiddling to figure out. These days, not so much! It comes a little more naturally.

SO here is a little video of me decorating a graceful dress.

For all you budding costume designer out there, if you haven’t yet, definitely get your hands on some stretch lace or pattern mesh. You may have noticed I have been using these two products quite a bit! They do have to be lined but they just add a different dimension to your usual lycra.

You will definitely be seeing it a lot more this year out at competitions, especially in the older sections. All my graceful girls from the 15/16 yrs section up all have either stretch mesh or lace on their graceful costumes.

And the final Pink and Red product.

Ps. strangely this is my first pink Graceful dress this year!