Chiffon Skirts

Today we are discussing Graceful skirts!

Now my biggest pet hate with Graceful skirts is when they are not ironed for a competition. I know it does sound silly, and in all it wouldn’t affect your performance. But when you spend so many hours making sure that your tan, hair and makeup are perfect… Why wouldn’t you spend another twenty minutes to make sure your skirt is ironed?

So here are my tips to care for your skirt and keep them looking good.

Just like everything in life our Graceful skirts come in various colours and styles of chiffon. However generally the care factor for all chiffon is the same, apart from silk chiffon (which I suggest you don’t use as a Graceful skirt… It will shrink when washed).

You may not know this, but the chiffon is one of the major expenses for materials used with in a Graceful dress. Generally costing $8 – 16 per meter. One graceful skirt needs 5-6 meters of material. Therefore you really don’t want to have it replaced because you haven’t looked after it.

Soooo here are my tips!

1 Only hand wash in cold water with liquid detergent, and if you think the colour will run add salt!

2 Ironing – a steam iron is my first preference when ironing all my own skirts. However sometimes with different chiffons, the steam iron doesn’t get all the creases out. Then you have to use an iron and an iron cloth, but do make sure to be careful at the hem, especially if you have a wired skirt!

3 Garment Bag! Whenever you are not wearing your Graceful dress it should be on a hanger inside a garment bag. If your dress is a little sweaty, leave the zip open.

4 Don’t sit on your skirt before you go on stage! If warming up and stretching in your skirt lift to the front of back of you. Just don’t sit on it for a prolong time!! Then it won’t be creased and there is less chances it will snag ;)

5 If you some how get a pull in your skirt DON’T CUT it. Find the two points where the pull starts and end. Pinch those two spots and pull out, this helps thread go back in to place, though it wont be the same, but at least the chiffon wont have that gathered pulled look.

6 Don’t be in a rush. Take you time when putting on and taking off your dress. Now days our Graceful dresses have so many embellishments that can catch on the chiffon causing pulls. A good way, is to roll you leotard so the inside is touching the chiffon. OR bunch the leotard in you hands above the leotard.

There you have it a couple of tips for you to remember!

If you have any tips, leave us a comment below :)