The Cost Of A Graceful

Have you ever sat down and worked out the how much it really costs you to do a graceful?

Well in 2014 I did and it might surprise you!

The WA Graceful Competition season runs from the end of March/ start of April to the day before Mother’s day in May. Consisting of three performances (Hills, Grading and Finals). However, you normally start training at the start of February and train once a week.

I do realise that not everyone would have the same cost as I have had but it’s still interesting to look at all the cost involved and what it really adds up to.

***For your information I trained once a week for around 15 weeks and each session would be for an hour.

Coaching Fee 220.00

Hall Hire Fee 180.00

Competition Fees 55.00

DVD 25.00

Dress & Head gear 500.00

Tan 00.00 75.00 I didn’t fake tan

Eyelashes 12.00

Hair supplys 15.00

Tickets for Competition 70.00

Fuel 100.00

Gifts 80.00

EQUALS 1,257.00 1,332.00

There is one major expense that you can cut down on, and that is the dress and headgear. Hiring is a much cheaper option and would cost you around 100.00 depending on the individual hirer. However that still works out to be around 857.00 .

There are also other expenses that can occurred during the graceful season.

Such as Chiro, OT and Physio that are around 60-70 per visits. If you’re going to one every week? That’s around 900.00- 1,050.00 .

For seniors especially, there is the cost of making sure your hair is “comp” ready, ie getting it coloured is around 120.00 .

Now I definitely know there are many other expenses that you could include, like food/drink, medication, ointments, strapping tape, and anything else you require to get yourself through a comp day. AND if you are lucky enough to perform your graceful at nationals! Then it all starts to add up rapidly!!

In the end it all adds up and it definitely isn’t cheap!! But we love it! And therefore we will still continue to do it no matter what the cost!

I dare you to go add up your own graceful season and see if you get a similar cost out come!