Soft & Pastel

So for the last couple of weeks I have been making quite a few leotards and graceful dresses that all seem to be blue! Don’t get me wrong I love the colour blue, but when you are doing a whole heap of blue and trying to make them all look different you can go a little crazy!

So I decide to make a little mint green graceful dress.

The idea of this leotard was to use what I already have, no buying anything new!

I’ve gone with a softer look for this leotard to suit the age, which was determined by the amount of chiffon that I had to work with!

I also needed an opposing colour to add definition to the mint. For this I decided on the colour pink as it is opposite on the colour wheel, but suits the soft theme.

What I like about this leotard is it shows that you don’t need a lot of different lycra/gems/stones/diamantes to make an impressive graceful dress.

Here I have used the same matt Lycra through out, however on the center panel I have added lace over the top of the Lycra the to give it a different effect.

The Bonus this week is that this graceful dress is for SALE!

Details below...

This is a Girls Size 8

Bust 69cm –Waist 60cm –Hips 71cm –Body Length 115–120cm

Skirt Length – 77cm

Price: $205.00

If you would like to purchase this dress please contacts us through the Website Contact Page or PM on Facebook.