O-K… So I feel like I haven’t made a leotard in a while for purely just blog purposes! Soooooo today I got back into the swing of it. :)

My idea for this blog is Alice in Wonderland.

Now Alice is pretty iconic character, however I am going to break away from tradition and create something different!

My idea for this leotard is royal inspired and very structured looking. However I want to make the leotard look darker than the original Alice. Just think the darker style songs from the newest version of Alice in Wonderland, that’s the kind of vibe I am aiming for.

When I look at this leotard I feel like the Queen and Alice have been merged together. The front is very strong and your eye is drawn in by the darker hues. Were the back draws in the more innocent ideas of Alice.

If you were to quickly snap from the back to the front you might think that the two are two completely different leotards. However leotard evolves as it goes around… “It takes you on a journey” Ha!!!

I think the hardest part of this leotard is getting the balance right in the colours, especially because it goes from very dominate colours to very pale and soft colours, with no in-betweens.

If there were one thing I would change about this leotard would be the Lycra that I used for the center front panel. I really should have used a matt style of Lycra or continued the lace that I had used on the back and side. As it pains me to say… It’s just too much sparkle!!! Which in turn made it a little difficult to embellish.

So here you have it! My Imperial Inspired Alice Leotard…