Satan's Li'l Lamb

“Please allow me to introduce myself

I’m a man of wealth and taste….

I’ve was around when Jesus Christ

Had his moment doubt and pain.”

- Sympathy of the Devil, Rolling Stones

My very own Solo Leotard! Which had to match the Satan/Devil theme.

Now everyone has his or her own idea of what the Satan/Devil should look/feel like. However, when you are trying to convey a theme with in the limits of 4 minutes you are better off sticking close to the norm.

Which meant red, black and fire like designs!!

Instead of telling you how I went about get to the final product I’m going to tell you all about the doubts I had creating this leotard. I am just like anyone else, and things don’t always go right when I’m creating…. Sometimes I feel my personal leotards can only go one of two ways, amazing or EPIC FAILURE.

So here are all the issues I had to face when making this leotard!!!!

My first trial was design.

  1. Trying to come up with design is hard enough sometimes, but it’s harder when you have to come up with two designs for the same style of theme. So not only was I doing a devil theme for myself, but one of my clients also had the devil theme too. So they need to be different!

  2. Was I playing it too safe? My design in essences is symmetrical, however I have created some amazing asymmetrical leotards this year… so maybe I should go back to the drawing board and do better. I then thought back to all my solo leotards over the last four years and realised they are all symmetrical, so I decided to stick with the main idea.

  3. I had the majority of my design figured out in myh head, but I was struggling to figure out how I was going to establish the centerline and pant /mesh ratio.

Second trial was Lycra.

  1. I knew I wanted to use mesh for this leotard, however trying to decide what kind of mesh would work best was a real brain thinker! At first I was going to go for this mesh that was black with a red shimmer through it. But then when I was taking to one of the ladies where I by some of my material from; showed me this mesh that was black and had red glitter through it. Both were amazing and could work on a leotard, however the glitter style was scratchy and I wasn’t too keen on lining the whole leotard, especially because it would lose the effect I was going for on the back.

  2. I doubted my choice in red Lycra. I went with a burgundy style red and when I had finished sewing the base leotard all together it just looked faded and dull. I was really questioning my skills in colour right there and then.

  3. The mesh that I used left black residue on your skin after you wore it. Meaning I was going to have to wash my right arm before I got on stage for my duo. :\

Third trial was time.

  1. Previous to this year, the most amount of leotards I have ever made for the solo/duo season was four, however this number had increased by 350% this year. So I was under the pump. And… I started making my solo the Tuesday before the competition so that meant I had five days to figure out everything. This is definitely the latest I have ever started one of my own leotards.

And there were probably a lot more things that happened with those five days!!! But it’s a little bit of a blur…

But I can say this was probably the quickest I have ever made a headgear! As I had no time to restart, it just had to be perfect first go!

This is my Lucifer, Beelzebub, The Beast, Satan or whatever else you want to call it!