Turning ONE!

So the 1st of Feb marks the day the blog turns ONE!

It has been a roller coaster of a jouney, but something I would never change!

I must say the worst part is technology! When it doesn't work, takes three times longer to load and just gives you a headache.

I've learnt a lot and hopefully have inspire some you to start creating yourself! Remember no question is a silly question, so if you do have question please ask away.

Now because creating is so visual I have made a short - it could have been way longer!!- video of the year that has been. :)

I also guessed that you may would like to know what was my favourite leotard!

The answer to that question is I can't just select one! So instead I put them into categories.

Favourite Client Leotard

Most Elegant Leotard

Favourite Training Leotard

Favourite leotard of my own

I couldn't just pick one for this one! Which is sooo typical for me...Doris Day and

Niffty New Yorkers are my pick.

The reason for the two is because I just love both leotards, however the second reason is because I achieved something that I would never expect in them.

Thank you for reading my blogs and supporting me for the past year! Cannot wait to show you all what I come up with next!