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The second last lot of leotards that I finished during the solo/duo time was the Nifty New Yorkers!

These leotards were the most drawn out design that I have ever created!

I really had absolutely no idea or direction when I started!! My mind was blank.

Now I’ve talked about the design process before and the ways you can come up with designs, and because I was stuck in every way RESEARCHING was the only way forward.

I looked at Pinterest, Google, Instagram and even my past designs. AND nothing! I had absolutely nothing. Never have I ever been in this situation before, and the blank page was just staring at me.

This is where I turned to words and processed them into some sort of tangible designs. All up I drew about 10 very different designs, which were all very different in style. Some very art deco with so many straight lines to highly embellished lace style piece.

The final pick out of the bunch was a combination of art deco and lace.

Now even though I had finally picked the design! There was still a lot more work to do, not all smooth sailing YET!! I then had to interpret my not to scale small drawing into the real size. This took three goes to get right and a lot of scribbling and redrawing.

But all this pre work means that should hopefully have an amazing leotard at the end! Fingers Crossed!

Now when I look back on these leotards I probably spent way more time trying to come up with the idea than the actual time it took to decorate the leotards!! And that’s saying something, as these leotards are blinged to the max.

I also found decorating these leotards very calming and relaxing, which is probably a funny thing to say. But I also guess I didn’t have any external pressure with these leotards and I was free to do anything I wanted.

Also a big congratulation to these Nifty New Yorkers, placing in the Senior Open Section.