Sweet Charity

Time for me to show you all a closer look at some of the many solo/duo costumes I have made for 2015.

First off I’m starting with Emilia! Now as you might remember, Emilia was the winner of the solo leotard competition and got a brand new leotard for her special solo.

Now normally before I see a client I already have an idea where I’m heading design wise. However for this one it was up to Emilia to tell me what she wanted! Though I did know before she came over that pink was the colour direction. And the music her coach had picked for her solo was Sweet Charity, so we wanted a leotard that was very girly and age appropriate.

In the end we went with a little bit of a combination of designs, which I have used before. The Mellow Yellow Leotard, which we used for the paneling structure and embellishment design.

The Seal Leotard, for the bust lines and shoulder detail inspiration.

Mellow Yellow (2012 and revamped 2015)

Seal (2013)

So that was leotard sort of figured out, now it was just the skirt... which we had preferences for!…. First preference was a tassel skirt, however I was struggling to imagine the leotard with tassels. So just encase it didn’t look right on the leotard we had a second preference for a showgirl skirt.

The showgirl skirt was the direction that I went down in the end, however Emilia still did get a "couple" -or to be exact “6” - tassels on her leotard!!!

Now even though I said this leotard was a combination of two leotards I have previously made. I did decorate it differently as I wanted to make sure that this leotard had it’s own character, style and sparkle!!!

I also had the pleasure to see Emilia get up on stage and perform her routine with style. She looked like she was having so much fun on stage. Ooooh and your leotard was super sparkly!

Was true pleasure working with you Emilia, to create one extra sparkly leotard for your solo routine. :)