There's A Light Over At The Frankenstein Place

So this week blog requires NO LYCRA!!!!!

Shock Horror! DEFINITELY!!!

As material with out stretch… is not my forte.

However I thought you all might like to see how this project turned out.

A little while ago I made a leotard that was inspired by Columbia from The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

This leotard was made to wear to an event, but nevertheless I needed to finish off the look. Which started the search for a sparkly gold jacket! In the end no jacket was found and I was left with no choice but to make myself a jacket.

Easy? Maybe?? However I have never made a jacket in my life!

Cue pattern search. As I wasn’t not going to attempt to draft a jacket pattern.

So this is where I turned to the Internet and searched away to find a pattern to use. I found a blog called Plan B Anna Evers ( which had a simple jacket pattern and an easy guide to follow. I will definitely be using this blog again, and this jacket pattern as it was a really nice cut.

This blog supply’s you with and printable A4 sheet, which you then have to draw to scale. It doesn’t come with a scale but it isn’t too hard to figure out a scale. For me my scale was 1 : 3.5 cms. Once you have you scale then its time to figure out all the lengths!! And draw it up; luckily this pattern wasn’t too complicated to draw!

Doing the math’s

Pattern Pieces

I also cheated a little as I already had some sleeves from another pattern I had made and used for this jacket!

As this jacket is only going to be used for fancy dress purposes I didn’t line the jacket. However I can tell you if you can avoid it don’t sew with disco dot material. It is a massive PAIN…. Which your sewing machine, overlocker, needles, and YOU will not appreciate.

However I persisted with it because needed to be finished...

Rocky Horror I'M READY FOR YOU!