Sparkly Hot Part 3


Aka the decoration phases.

My only advice I have when decorating is use your eyes… it’s all a matter of trail. Place what you would like to use onto the leotard and see if it all works!

If you’re unsure of what glitter to use, grab some sticky tape and sprinkle the glitter onto the sticky side, then you check if you like it.

But that is really the only hints I have!

I did have an idea where I was going with the detailing, however the things that I had a play around with is the ruffles and the straps.

What I was unsure with, in concern to the ruffles was colour and amount.

I started out with just pink mesh and then added the patterned material on top.

I did like what I had done; however I thought I would try it with out the mesh.

But that made it look really flat.

So I went with the mesh underneath.

And the strap was just about get the angles right to make sure it was balanced and that was it.

Next week is HEADGEAR!!!

Now if you’re a follower of the blog you all know that I feel headgears are one of my weaker points and that is why I always do them last!

So look forward to next week.