Ideas come various places and we can be inspired to create from all most everything, anywhere at any time. Thus the saying, creators don’t have a 9/5 job, however a 24/7 job! Which is very much true.

When I discuss my ideas on this blog I do try and describe my ideas in a tangible way. Which is mostly through pictures and some scribbled drawings. However sometimes my ideas don’t come in the form of tangibility! And this is were the 24/7 part really plays its part… a lot of my ideas come to fruition in my dreams. from design ideas, to figuring out how to tackle those difficult projects. Luckily I do remember them all when I wake up.

So the past couple of weeks I have been dreaming of little snippets of ideas, which my brain decided, could all work together to make a leotard. Now because these ideas are from my dreams I thought it would be a god idea to continue on with this idea for the whole blog theme this week.

Everyone has their own idea of dreams and what they mean to themselves, however when I think about dreams I see them as objects that are morphed together by our own desires.

I also like how Salvador Dali represents his dreams in paintings, with a mixture of sharp lines, repetition and melting of objects.

Thus I am employing these ideas to create a leotard that is edgy with elements of softness. Oh and of course SPARKLE!!! As leotards with out sparkle aren’t as fun to wear!

If you dissect everything I have written above I guess you will be expecting this leotard to include the following:

  • Edgy

  • Sharp lines

  • Objects morphing

  • Melting

  • Repetition

  • Sparkle

  • Salvador Dali Uniqueness!

  • Softness

Which I feel all have been represented… though some are a little bit hidden with the decorations.

Salvador Dali Uniqueness!

This part gets hidden with lace but I have applicaded a funny little shape as the base for what goes over the top of it.

Repetitions and Objects morphing

This leotard has two different styles of lace that are a repetitive pattern, that are cut out and laid over each other to create a unique shape.

In its entire this leotard was inspired by the idea of dreams and dreams itself. From here I decorated with stones, glitter, diamnates, and pineapple beads.

The Final Dreamy Product ...