It's Just A Jump To Your Left

Well, I was walking down the street

Just having a think

When a snake of a guy

Gave me an evil wink.

Well it shook me up

It took me by surprise

He had a pick-up truck

And the devil's eyes

He stared at me

And I felt a change

Time meant nothing

Never would again.

This week is all about Rocky Horror.

In just over a month I will be attending a Rocky Horror Event, which many of you would be aware that Rocky Horror has a sort of cult following. Thus it is common practice that you are required to dress up to the theme or certain character.

I’ve decided character is the way to go and have chosen to dress up as Columbia.

When I was thinking how I was going to tackle this task I could have gone one of two ways, but of course I took the road less traveled!!! Who doesn’t like a challenge!

So this week’s design is my modern take on Columbia’s iconic costume.

When modernising an idea you still want to pay homage to the original idea and showcase elements in a new way. What I will be including in my design is the shorts with stripes, the red bow and the use of multi colours.

Originally Columbia wears a corset, which has a sweet heart neckline. I personally don’t like sweet heart necklines, which means I won’t be going the corset route.

Instead I will be drawing inspiration from one of my favourite leotard designs for the structure. This will be a five panel across leotard with a halter neck top and a high back.

Now as you could imagine finding fabric for this idea I was going to be difficult and this is one of the reasons why I wanted to modernise the leotard. But I did end up finding some different fabrics that really suited the theme. Now I had to figure out how I was going make them all work together.



The only thing about these two materials was they were a little bit difficult to work with. Luckily I didn’t break any needle with that sequin material and the foil on the rainbow material was a little hard to pin through.

Decoration Time :)

The premise behind this leotard is black with lots of colour; therefore I have used a variety of coloured glitters to make my vision come to life. I have also use the glitter to define lines and create depth with detail. I also have used my fancy glittering skills on this leotard.

The Shorts to this leotard are not attached for a reason, which I will discuss next.

However they are plain black shorts with a band, which I have glittered the coloured strips by hand.

The last of the decorations was to add the stones and diamantes, which I have kept to a minimum.


Do you think this could pass for the character Columbia???

As said before these shorts aren’t attached and this is the reason why…

I feel this leotard would be suited to a Circus or Showgirl theme. Therefore, once it has been used for its primary use I’m going to add a showgirl style skirt on the back with ruffles that continue to the front of the leotard. Which I am looking forward to making, as I have never made a show girl style skirt before, so I will definitely blog about it a show you the second final product.

I will also be making a gold jacket and a hat to complete the look but you will have to wait until the end of October till I will show you the whole outfit ;)