You're Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile

The week’s leotard is the character Annie from the very famous musical.

Now when you think of Annie she is either in a red dress or a sack, so I’ve gone for the red dress look for today.

As Annie is a timeless musical you really can’t imagine her in anything else other than her red dress. Therefore I have kept the look very similar, but have also added some different embellishments to complement the look.

The collard is detailed with sliver lace.

Sparkly Bow

The skirt is hemmed with silver/white lace. Which I have attached by a Zig Zag stitch.

On the topic of the skirt, you will notice that this skirt has three seams!

I had intended to only have two seams as I didn’t have enough lycra to make the skirt seamless. However I actually made the skirt a little too big around the waist and need to take it in.

Now I could have taken it in at the side seams but I decided that I want the extra detail because the back of this leotard doesn’t have any detail.

And the idea paid off, it gives the skirt a little bit of difference and some extra flounce at the back.

It’s A Hard Knock Life…..